Metric Cab: Burlington MA Taxi

$60.00 Fixed Price to Logan Airport! Metric Cab now serves Burlington, MA with the most reliable cab service and the cheapest flat rate to the airport, and to the greater Boston areas. If you need a cab in Burlington, we can pick you up 24/7 and take you to Logan Airport or to Boston Area safely and always on time. Feel free to book a cab here on our site via our reservation feature or call us at 781-296-7259. We have courteous order takers available to take your order.

Need a Flat Rate to Logan Airport? How much will Your Cab Ride Cost you?

Are you going to Logan Airport from Burlington?
We strongly recommend that you use our flat rate and save your money. At Metric Cab, our flat rate is straight and simple. We don't charge you a toll or any other fees when you go to Logan airport. We can get you there on time at very competitive flat rate. A trip to or from the airport can be stressful but a comfortable ride in one of our newer model Toyota Camry's or Honda Odysseys will get you there in style and it always helps to know precisely how much your taxi will cost you!

Let us be Your Designated Driver:

Do you need someone reliable to ensure everyone gets home safely? Our cab service can be your designated driver. Whether you have a group out for a night in Boston area or it's just you, never risk drinking and driving. Our drivers can get you home safely, giving you less to worry about and more of an opportunity to enjoy a night out!

About Metric Cab

Our taxicabs are clean and reliable and feel like a normal car. We've chosen Honda Odysseys and Toyota Camry's as our preferred taxicabs due to the safety ratings and the smooth ride. All our drivers are also equipped to take cash, or credit card. Call us at 781-296-7259 for a ride in Burlington today or feel free to book ahead through our online reservation section.


  1. Additional $2.25 Massport Fee applies for Logan pick up.
  2. Applicable Toll Fee may apply if ones route requires Metric Cab and its affiliates to go through Massport Toll charging route.
  3. Flat rate fee structure is subject to change without any prior notic.
  4. Promotional discount can only be applied to meter rated fares.

Credit Cards We Accept